Hole #1 (15th hcp)

A great start for the round... You are greeted by an ample fairway with bunkers on both the left and right sides. Then the hole narrows for your approach shot. The front of this elevated green is protected by two green side bunkers.

Hole #2 (17th hcp)

Accuracy is the key for this tight dog-leg right. If you can find the fairway, you should have short to mid iron into this well protected green. Bunkers left, right and short if the sloping green make it a true test of nerves.

Hole #3 (13th hcp)

Go for it? A vast waste bunker guards the entire left side of the rolling fairway. The green is protected by a series of three green side bunkers in the front that halt all attempts to "run the ball onto the green" on their tee shot. The green slopes away from the hole on the back side as well. A generous hole off the tee, but intimidating around the green.

Hole #4 (3rd hcp)

The fourth hole is the beginning of our signature "Five Par 5's" at Eagle Creek. This monster is a true test for any golfer. An elevated tee and generous fairway with bunkers and mounds on both sides give the impression of a simple par 5. But as you play the hole, the fairway narrows and the trouble begins. For the second and third shots, the fairway is guarded by water on the left and a severe fairway bunker on the right. The crowned green and deep green side bunker make the approach shot one to remember.

Hole #5 (11th hcp)

Bunkers, Bunkers, Bunkers... There is only one safe place on this par 3 - on the green! Engulfed in a series of four distinct green side bunkers, this large, plateau green is hidden from the tee area. The wind is a factor on this hole so choose your club wisely.

Hole #6 (1st hcp)

Waste bunkers, water and length are a factor in playing the 6th hole. The tee shot calls for a carry over water and waste bunkers to an undulated fairway. A long iron or fairway wood could be the ticket for this long approach shot. A European-style green waits as you finish this #1 handicap hole.

Hole #7 (5th hcp)

An elevated tee area surrounded by bulkhead and water set the pace for this dog-leg right. Risk/reward is the scenario here... if you choose to "cut off the dog-leg", you are faced with carrying a series of three large fairway bunkers and a undulated landing area. The approach shot here is to a plateau-shaped green, protected by two bunkers on the right and water long and left.

Hole #8 (9th hcp)

The epitome of Eagle Creek! As you walk up to the elevated tee, you will definitely recognize the bunkers are the feature here. Surrounded by trouble, this hole is guarded by a deep traditional bunker front-left and a revetted bunker front-right. Choose your club wisely as water protects the back-left portion of the green as well. The green is severely sloped from left to right making this whole a challenge for golfers.

Hole #9 (7th hcp)

Our second par 5 at Eagle Creek is a great finish for the outward nine. There is an ample landing area from the elevated tee with traditional bunkers on both sides of the fairway. Golfers may try a variety of shots into and around this hole. Our "European Flair" employs itself on the open, links-style green.

Hole #10 (14th hcp)

Hole #10 begins with a generous landing area that quickly narrows, bringing traditional fairway bunkers into play on both sides of the hole. If you choose to lay back, the landing area is relatively level. If you choose to challenge the hole, you will contend with a tight, well-guarded fairway. Approach shots to this sloping green must be accurate due to the deep, grass green-side bunker on the right and a traditional green-side bunker on the left.

Hole #11 (12th hcp)

Our signature hole at eagle creek, this beautiful par 3 boasts all of the elements of both European and American design. From the tee, a large waste bunker protects the entire right side of the hole. A series of three revetted bunkers and an elevated sloping green make this one of the most unique par 3's in Central Florida! This hole truly captivates the eye as well as the golf spirit.

Hole #12 (4th hcp)

Hole #12 is a traditional American design from the tee to green with a large landing area guarded by OB on the left side and fairway bunkers on the right. However; the green is distinctively different with a Scottish-style pothole bunker protecting the left side of the green. The green complex gives the golfer options to play a variety of shots aroudn the green.

Hole #13 (10th hcp)

Our third par 5 at Eagle Creek, this dog-leg left is well protected. WIth a sloping landing area and water on both sides, a solid tee shot is a premium on this hole. The lay up is crucial with a series of six massive fairway bunkers coming into play. The approach shot for this well-bunkered green will set up a challenging putt on a severely sloped putting surface.

Hole #14 (16th hcp)

Tee off towards a rising fairway that narrows rapidly and is guarded by traditional fairway bunkers on both sides. As if the narrow landing area and fairway bunkers aren't enough... the European-style green is surrounded by a series of four revetted bunkers in the front and two traditional bunkers left and right.

Hole #15 (2nd hcp)

Tee off over a large waste bunker and water to an ample fairway. The approach shot is played into a European-style green guarded in front by traditional green side bunkers with subtle movement on the putting surface. The 15th offers a variety of shots to be played into this long, narrow green.

Hole #16 (6th hcp)

The tee shot is the feature on our fourth (but not final) par 5 at Eagle Creek. Drive the ball over the water from the elevated tee encased by bulkhead on this massive dog-leg right. It takes two well played shots to overcome miles of fairway the approach is into a gently sloping green.

Hole #17 (18th hcp)

Looking down at the hole from an elevated teem you will know your work is not over for this round. The tee shot requires a full carry to a bulkhead-encased green with revetted bunkers guarding the front-left and back of the green, which slopes towards the water's edge. Your tee shot is critical here.

Hole #18 (8th hcp)

Time for a spectacular finish! The fifth par 5 at Eagle Creek delivers everything you want in a finishing hole. With a series of large fairway bunkers on the left and water on the right, this is no time to "back down" on your tee shot. Even the longest of hitters will think twice before trying to conquer this monster in two. As you approach the green, the landing fairway tightens and the trouble becomes prominent. With the vintage New England manor-styled clubhouse in the back drop, your approach shot over water to a shallow, undulated green surrounded by a rock wall and guarded by a revetted bunker on the right and a traditional bunker on the left will make this finishing hole one to remember.